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Adam Wade: Guestbook


November 5, 2012

hi adam ....met u and Juanita Fleming when u toured South Africa round about the 70s ...i spent a lotta time wiv yall and always wondered how u were ....its great to know ur still in the music business!!!! i was 11 years old then...ur singing was awesome and u both had such charming personalities

Jonathan Cohen

August 25, 2012

Greetings from Boston and a fan ever since I inherited your long-ago Greatest Hits LP. I think you were one of the best MOR singers of the '60s. Just heard some of your lesser-known tracks on YouTube ("Canadian Sunset", "Witchcraft") and loved them. Glad to see you've stayed active. On "Ruby", you and Ray Charles can't be topped. Thanks for reading and all the best from this long-time fan.

Bonnie Beckham

August 7, 2012

Good afternoon!!! How are we? Holla back at me at 856-677-7365 God Bless you call me and we can rent a bus to see the show, how much is the group?

Ray Thornhill

February 1, 2012

Adam Wade I have been a fan of your songs since the early sixties. Like you I am form Pittsburgh. I tell people about you often. I always said the only thing that was a problem for you was you sound to much like Johnny Mathis. I think you are better. Best Regards ... Ray

steven mechanic

January 30, 2012

met you on Miami Beach Fla in th e 60's You appeared at the club in the Eden Roc Hotelm My late father had an interest in the hotel. I came to several of your shows with several of my friends...many of whom were females...we all loved every show. You joined me and my mother and father and we all went to a restaurant called Embers...I'm sure you probably have no recollection of this "long ago" event but if you do, I would love to hear from you and learn your future "concert" schedule. My cousin Jerry Farber ownes his own night club in the Buckhead section in Atlanta.. I have nothing but fond memories of you personally and all of your music. p.s. I have 5 sons two of whom are doctors and one of whom is, like you were, a research Ph.D of Neuroscience. Thank you, and it would be great to hear from you.

steven mechanic

January 30, 2012

met you on Miami Beach Fla in th e 60's You appeared at the club in the Eden Roc Hotelm My late father had an interest in the hotel. I came to several of your shows with several of my friends...many of whom were females...we all loved every show. You joined me and my mother and father and we all went to a restaurant called Embers...I'm sure you probably have no recollection of this "long ago" event but if you do, I would love to hear from you and learn your future "concert" schedule. My cousin Jerry Farber ownes his own night club in the Buckhead section in Atlanta.. I have nothing but fond memories of you personally and all of your music. p.s. I have 5 sons two of whom are doctors and one of whom is, like you were, a research Ph.D of Neuroscience. Thank you, and it would be great to hear from you.

Theda Mobley

January 17, 2012

I attended the same high school and remember your hit record "Ruby". I also remember that you worked for Dr. Jonas Salk when he was discovering the Polio Vaccine.

Pam Morris

October 15, 2011

Mr Wade,

I decided to search you up after watching a rerun on Good time you are so talented and handsome. I appreciate your work and hope all well with you. I pray God forever shelter you with health, love and grace, sending much Love...pambrownsugar


September 10, 2011

Hi Mr.Wade!
I just love you in Claudine, wow you were so doggone fine! and you have the most beautiful complexion and look like my relatives (Creole)would that be you? Well just letting you know a young woman appreciates you work!
Take Care
Miss Ann


August 18, 2011

Mr.Wade, I'm a big an of you for several years. Here in Belgium there are a lot of "popcornmusic party's". Oldies with mid-tempo. Like it a lot and you are my favorit singer with songs like "Rain from the skies", "Playing around", "Here comes the pain", ... ect. It's so exciting to have contact with you from Begium, Europe. Thanks for your music, Willy

Ginger Carole

August 2, 2011

Hi Adam..this is Ginger.. I was one of Professor Lefon Andrews singers who participated in your play-The Dancer..It was me, Martha and Tuffy who did a lot of the singing..Hope all is well

Frank Charles Dodson

July 7, 2011

Great web-site Adam, my book 'Wednesday's Child'a fictional novel has been released by Xlibris Publishers. You have received a favorable mention in the book.Love to you and Jeri.
Take care & God Bless, Frank

J. Mitchell & Joann Haley

July 6, 2011

Hello Adam,
Mitch here from the Florida Rep cast of Rapport. Joann and I were just wondering the other night how you have been. Sounds like you had a great run with The Color Purple, hope you're still performing.

Tommy Randolph

April 9, 2011

Hello Adam I met you when I was a young kid and your best friend Joe Simms was dating my mom and you came to our house for a visit and I gave you my multi colored glass ring, I have followed your career every since even till now when I see you on the Insurance commercials, it would be great to hear from you, best of luck, Tommy

billy (proctor) hill

October 1, 2010

I'm the singer who worked with you on the Don Kirshner Lp in the 70's.I'm glad to see you are still working. have you heard from gary knight or gene allen ? keep up the great work BILLY PROCTOR

Tom Warner

September 9, 2010

Just listened to Take Good Care Of Her which is on my thumbdrive and thought I'd see what you were up to. Great to see you're still very active! I can listen to your stuff over and over and I never get tired of it! Thanks.


August 8, 2010

Searched for Adam Wade so long and lo and behold when I went to the closing performance of The Color Purple in Chicago a few years back, I was surprised by the appearance of Mr. Wade as Ole Mister. Then I went to the backstage door and met him, got an autograph and took his picture. What a lovely head of silver. YAHOO removed the Adam Wade message board, but not before I was able to notify the Wade fans on it where to locate our star. Also, I have been finally able to locate my first Adam Wade album (ONE IS A LONELY NUMBER) and am awaiting acceptance of my offer. WOW...what luck I am having lately.
I love this new website and will visit often.

Anne Kunen

July 9, 2010

I named my younger son Adam after you. Your voice simply sent me when I first heard you many years ago, and I had to name a son for you. It's so interesting - he has the most magnificent voice! Thank you for bringing so much pleasure by sharing your talents.
Madison, WI

Laneshia Jones

July 7, 2010

Greetings Wade family.I remember being a little girl in Carson, Calif with this BIG star living right around the corner from me. Myself, along with the other neighborhood kids would come to Mr. Wade's home just to talk with him and to get an autographed picture. He always tolerated us with a smile. Here it is, at least 30 years later and I have never forgotten that. Just want to say thanks to you Mr. Wade :)


July 7, 2010


Larry & Carol Keene

April 29, 2010

We saw you in The Color Purple in Los Angeles & thought you were terrific and looking very distinguished and handsome even though more than 45 years has past since we last saw you in person. The play was wonderful!
We know you must be glad to be back home now and off the road for a while, but we are looking forward to seeing more of you on stage someday and to hearing you sing again; no one can beat that beautiful voice of yours...

shirley riley-davis

March 9, 2010

hi Adam, do you know anything about bert decoteaux? I had called the last number you gave me but it was disconnected. i hope he is alright. also,my daughter terri saw you in the color prurple in LA. the last time she saw you onstage was in chicago.she was a kid then. i won't tell you how old she is now.


January 28, 2010

wuzzzzzz up:)

Frank Doperak

November 21, 2009

I met you way back when you sang at Johnny Bettera's Holiday House in Monroeville,Pa in late nineteen fifties. I was impressed with you then but, I thought you were working your way through med school. Glad to here you had a great life. I was part of the singing duo Chip n Dale managed by Elmer Willet of the Vogue Terrace. Johnny Bettera was going to start a record label and we were to be his first. Didn't happen cause Willet wouldn't give up majority interest to Bettera. Willet did the same thing to the Vogues who he managed also. Yet they broke out and went out to make a few hits. Yep, you had a special voice. I'll have to go on and research you other accomplishments.

shirley riley-davis

September 27, 2009

dear adam, do you know how to contact bert decoteau?

Linda Truesdale

September 26, 2009

I heard The Writing on the Wall while listening to Oldies XM. Your voice is beautiful. I hope to see you in person someday.

Lauretta Ali

September 11, 2009

Hi Adam:

Do you remember directing me in a video based upon my play on the life of Billie Holiday, Billie's Bluest Blues? I still remember your direction. It has been almost 25 years since that time. I have been directed by many people. Yet, you are still one of my favorite directors! Peace to you and your lovely wife! She is so talented. I still remember you both.

joan finn

March 27, 2009

Hi Adam!
As Arts/Entertainment Editor of the Montclair Times, I am planning to do a cover story about your life "on the road" as part of the touring company of "The Color Purple." I want my readers to know what it's really like to be an actor traveling throughout the United States as part of the road company of a hit Broadway show.

Celeste Whittaker

March 4, 2009

Hi Mr. Wade:

My name is Celeste E. Whittaker and I am a New Jersey-based writer.

I wanted to reach out to you, because I am writing a book on my father's life. My father is the late Chester M. Whittaker, and I believe you attended school with him at Virginia State and played basketball with him.

I was wondering if you had any memories of my father that you could share with me. What was he like back then? What type of memories, if any, do you have of him?

I'd love to hear from you!!!

Celeste Whittaker

patrick foyle

February 14, 2009

homewwood raised remember james weldon
johnson camp diablos and the mockingbirds jwj

pat foyle


February 5, 2009

Hey Mr. Wade,

I'm only 30 years old, but I happened to be watching Goodtimes and I saw you play Frank Mason and you played the heck outta that part. So, I did a search on you over the internet and found that you were/are a famous singer/song writer. I kinda like RUDY. Good job, sir.

Joe Jenkins

January 3, 2009

Had forgotten just How GOOD you could sing...You gave Mathis and all the other singers a STRONG RUN for their money...gonna go out and find one of your CD's and sit back and remember....thanks for the great songs.

Philip Russell

December 30, 2008

Hi Adam,
I'm emailing you about a play I was in with you in Pgh called,"Finians Rainbow" If you can remember, (Freda Barrow) in Pgh. She was in the play too. She's also
a 1rst cousin of mine.


December 28, 2008

Hi Adam
I am doing some research of our family history and your name came up.
Do you have a Lucy (Yours or Youres-maiden name) Wright in your family? She is my mother's great-grandmother and she lived in the PA. It is believed that she is a relative of your mother.

Just curious. Congratulations on all of your success!

clyde brooks

December 25, 2008

my partner of many yrs ago paul griffen always said this is the sound that johnny
mathis love,because it kept him on game
as mathis said yrs later on sunset blvd
he is the voice of education and love.

Richard Boyce

November 25, 2008

Hello Adam,

I played Bass on the album produced by Gene Allan and Gary Knight, always wanted to meet you, so hope some day I can.

marla & wesley strick

November 24, 2008

it was fantastic meeting you tonight.
you have a beautiful life to share with people.
thanks for sharing with us.
marla & wes


November 24, 2008

Adam-You've aged beautifully - Its been a long time since Kings Rd in West Hollywood. Many memories.


Trysh Jefferson

October 31, 2008

Hi Adam, I was one of the high school dancers from Orange County in 1982 that you let dance in your show "The Dancer". I ran into Bryan O'Dell at the Fox lot and decided to write you to say hello. Its good to see you are still performing. I don't know if you even remember me, but I wanted to send you well wishes.

BTW, I still sing "Now's The Time To Come On Strong" to myself and I used to sing it to my son. He's 16 now, so he's not really into lullabyes, but we both love those lyrics.

Many blessings to you and your lovely wife.

Trysh Jefferson
Santa Ana Valley High School Dancer

Dick Sheridan

October 11, 2008

Adam ---- Just came across your site,so i thought I'd say hello. Glad to see we're
both still alive. You look great.Maybe we'll run into each other one of these days. Love, your old drummer, Dick


October 8, 2008

If you are not familiar with my career and are interested in my work, please feel free to enjoy my site. If you simply want to post ads or information that have no relevance to my site please respect me and do not.
Thanking you in advance. Adam WADE


September 26, 2008

Hey Granddad! I love the site. It looks great!

Big Stringy

July 21, 2008

Hi Adam.I thought this site was for fans to chat.So sorry.I didnt realise it was to contact the MAN himself.I live in Scotland UK.I have been collecting records for 40 years.I have ALL your records.But I have one called Don`t Let Me Cross Over.Its on UK Columbia label released in 1963.I have a 1st pressing(going by matrix no`s) with the record number DB4986.BUT in the UK Rare Record Book it says number is DB4891.Who better than you to tell me the proper number.I only collect 1st.pressings.Is my one a 1St.Pressing and with correct number?.I would appreciated it very much if you can help me.
Cheers...joey :-)

Alisa Farina

July 17, 2008

Nice revised site, Adam! I love the captioning on all those sultry photographs!

Hope you get to visit London this year!

Best always, with much Love,
Alisa Farina

Sheryl Howard

July 12, 2008

Hi Mr. Wade,

My Aunt Pauline McMillan baby sat you on Lenore Street. I believe the address was 666 Lenore Street. At the home of George and Pearl McMillan. I am her niece. My mother went to Westinghouse High School and graduated with Ed Fleming,Maurice Stokes, She keeps in touch with James Hough in Philadelphia.

Take Care,

Sheryl Howard

Big Stringy

July 8, 2008

Hi Guys&Gals.I live in Scotland UK.I have been collecting records for 40 years.I have ALL Adams records.But I have one called Don`t Let Me Cross Over,but I cannot see it anywhere on any site relating to Adam.Its on UK Columbia label released in 1963.I have a 1st pressing(going by matrix no`s) with the record number DB4986.BUT in UK Rare Record Book it says number is DB4891.As this record was never re-issued,surely it is a number error in Rare Record Book?.I only collect 1st.pressings so I am bewildered by this.Can anyone help a confused record collector please?
Cheers...joey :-)

Toni J.

June 26, 2008

Hi Mr. Wade, I am an avid fan of Good Times and many 70's/80's T.V. shows and movies. I saw you on Good Times yesterday. I am glad to know you are doing well. May God Bless you in all of your endeavors!

melanie anthony

June 25, 2008

Just watched an old episode of "Good Times" the episode when you proposed to Wilona and you wanted her to stop working. Didn't realize that you were in the play "The Color Purple" which I went to see back on June 12th here in your hometown of Pittsburgh. The play was excellent. Would like to wish you continued success and God Bless.

Chuck Benjamin

June 19, 2008


Thank you so much for all the great recordings throughout the years. I had hoped to meet you in Detroit last year (Doo Wop concert) but they rescheduled you and Mel Carter for Florida. I've had the great fortune to interview Mel in the past and would love to have you on my station.
I have many of your tunes in our play list including my favorite, "Ruby". Keep singing Mr. Wade, your unique voice needs to be heard! I have placed a link to this site from my blog so our listeners can say hello.

Chuck Benjamin


June 14, 2008

Hi Adam Wade,
I enjoyed your songs in the sixties when i was still visiting school as a teenager; i still have those original old 45 singles of yours including "i can't help it"; it is good to know you're still around; keep it up!


May 30, 2008


Adam wade No joke

May 13, 2008

Dude this is sweet you have the same name as me. No joke.

shirley riley-davis

March 28, 2008

hi Adam Wade,
Glad you're doing commercials again but none has topped your BIC commercial. The address and phone you gave me for Bert has been changed. I just wanted to know if he's okay. His twin brother died and the obit stated Bert was still around, thank God. A friend of mine in Chicago that you met years ago is now a professor of communications at Columbia University there. He will be emailing you. His name is Herb Allen.

God bless you.

Shirley from Pittsburgh

Michael Angelo Gagliardi

March 2, 2008

Wonderful site. Wow its an honor to work with You, all very cool. Love the As singer photos.

Jim Stettler

January 28, 2008

I saw you last week in "The Color Purple" in Los Angeles. I have enjoyed your acting performances and recordings for many years and was so glad to see you in person. You were great as Ol' Mister but they need to give you a song to sing!

Best of luck personally and professionally

Jim Stettler

Ron Thomas

November 24, 2007

Sorry I missed you in Color Purple! I have tried to follow your career through the many years. When I play "Cryin' in the Chapel" I think of you at Camp J. W. Johnson!! God Bless you and Continued Success!!!!


November 10, 2007

Hi Mr. Wade- What a great career you have had, and still going strong. My father grew up with you in Pittsburgh, Merritt Dalton (brushton ave),says hello, Aunt Amy's nephew. Dad is still playing gigs blowing his sax, all over the place. Did Pittsburgh put out some great talent or what? Continued success. Martine


November 9, 2007

Been a long time......signed, "boy wonder"

Carol Keene

September 23, 2007

Do you remember a record hop in 1960 on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ. The DJ was Larry Keene from WMID in Atlantic City & he drove to New York to pick you up at the Brill Building and bring you to the hop?
Well, here it is 47 years later & we want you to know that our granddaughter's favorite song is Sleepy Time Gal by the one and only Adam Wade. They ask us to play it over and over again when we are in the car and they sing their little hearts out along with you. It's their favorite song to fall asleep to also.
It's great to have found your website & to see your photos. We have also spotted you in your TV commercials & are so happy to see that face.

Carl Thomas

September 14, 2007

Hey There! I doubt you remember me, but my mother (Marilyn Thomas) was also a member of the AFTE when it was located in Harlem. I happen to find your page trying to find a copy of Come Back Charleston Blue online. I just wanted to drop a note to say HELLO! I still get flashbacks everytime I see you on television. It's good to know you're still gracing the screen. I'll be keep up now that I know of your page. I always wanted to look as smooth as you when I matured. lol Take Care!!


Reginald Wadlington

August 30, 2007

Hello Mr. Wade,

Small world. My carpet is being cleaned by your brother's, Vince, carpet cleaning company. We met in a cafe. Nice guy. Keep on truckin!


August 2, 2007

Where can I find "Two Became a Crowd"?

Charlie "Chuck" Thomas III

July 30, 2007

I enjoyed the performance of all! What a fantastic evening and a performance never to forget. I traveled from over 600 miles to see this play, it was fantastic. Am also thrilled to read that after 40 years, Adam went back to school and earned degrees. I trust to do the same.
Adam, I wish you and yours the best at Godspeed!


Adam Wade

June 6, 2007

Good for you Mr Wade! After building my sites over the years it's nice to see that you are putting yourself out there. I had no idea you were still alive, and your music still gives me chills.. take care of her.. I like that one.

Adam Wade

Stephanie St. James

April 29, 2007

Adam... it is such a blessing to be working with you on
The Color Purple. We all love you so much!

Karin John

April 14, 2007

I remember hearing your music when I was a child, living in Canada. My favorite song from back then was "Take good care of her". I also liked "Writing on the Wall". I used to call the local radio station numerous times a day to request them to play your songs. They must have really tired of me :):) Then I returned to Europe and didn't come back to this side of the Atlantic until I was an adult. The memory of your music has always stayed with me, and I am happy that I found your website. You and your wife are a very handsome couple. May God Bless you with many happy years together.
Karin John


December 14, 2006

Just a note to say how much you are a wonder and a blessing in my life. it was great working with you and the kids, again, today, at Renaissance. I love you very much! Ty

Gwen Ricks-Spencer

December 9, 2006

Great site Adam!

Ty Stephens

October 16, 2006

You are so amazing! I so admire and look up to you! Just a note to tell you so.

Love, Ty


June 17, 2006

I have loved you sincwe Good Times, you were handsome then and look even better now. Keep doing whatever you are doing for your great appearance. Your wife is beautiful also. Loving you in Atlanta

Mason P. Ashe

May 6, 2006

I love the energy of your photos!



Mike McGann

March 8, 2006

I've tried for years to find you and your site. I'm the program director of WJAS Pittsburgh for the last 3+ years. The first songs I added to the music rotation were yours! Great to know where you are. Continued success!
Mike McGann-WJAS-Pittsburgh,PA.

todd schuster

February 7, 2006

i just listened to your interview with steve beverly of & i must say it was wonderful. my goodness, i was shocked how fast 30 plus years flew by. i was 10 yrs old back in 1975 when you were doing musical chairs. you looked good in your suit & sporting the 70's fro look. you look wonderful & i wish you & jeree lots of good health & happiness! in closing, continue to keep dashing for the cash & keep pausing for the cause!

Cheryl Metrick

June 27, 2005

Great website Adam! Interesting Bio, wonderful photos, and it's worth the time to stroll through all your links. I'm adding your website to the links section on my website. XO - Cheryl

arnold graham

May 31, 2005

looks fine.. hope you are both well